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Science Museum

Swim alongside exotic undersea creatures, from the bizarre Rainbow Nudibranch to the Giant Pacific Octopus. Recommended for KS1 upwards.

See how colourful, unique and dangerous marine creatures make the most of their habitats and find out how their inter-relationships - some predatory, some symbiotic - help them survive and maintain a balanced ecosystem.    

From the amusing Mantis Shrimp in a matador-like challenge with an octopus, to the graceful Green Sea Turtle with a school of fish cleaning its shell, Deep Sea focuses on the unusual and surprising alliances in day-to-day life under the sea.

Note: This film carries a PG rating due to a scene featuring squid swimming in a frenzied manner, set against dramatic sound and lighting. Please request discounted teacher preview tickets to assess the film in advance of making a booking for your class.

Our booking terms for educational groups apply to this event.

If you are a general visitor, please see the main film page.

Our film programme is released about three months in advance, although we schedule the films on term time Mondays and Fridays for the whole academic year. Please check back here for other dates later in the year.

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