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British Sign Language events at Lates

Join us for BSL-interpreted talks and activities as part of Science Museum Lates.

Join us in April for a celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Periodic Table—part of ChemFest 2019.

Events in British Sign Language (BSL) this month:

Workshop | it's a chem-mystery!

Location: Who Am I? gallery
Duration: 30 minutes
Complete experiments to catch a thief! An object has disappeared, and it is up to you to solve the mystery. Join museum detective Marcel Hirshman and interpreter Bev Wilson to crack our chemical clues and rule out suspects one by one.

For Science, King and Country

Location: Wonderlab Show Space, Level 3
Duration: 30 minutes
Henry Moseley was a promising British scientist killed in action in 1915. Curator Dr Liz Bruton will show Moseley’s research, which reorganised the periodic table into it’s modern form. Interpreted into BSL by Bev Wilson.