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Decolonising Science Narratives

This one-day workshop will facilitate critical reflection on the connections between science and colonialism.

Calls to 'decolonise' have gained traction in recent years, with everything from minds and medicine to museums coming under critical attention from students, researchers, artists and activists.

Organised by Assistant Curator (One Collection) Emma MacNicol and Medicine Galleries Research Fellow Shelley Angelie Saggar, this workshop aims to bring together those working across and between disciplines to critically reflect on the historic and continuing entanglements between science and colonialism, with a view to working towards a set of practices to develop and enact.

The opening of the new Medicine Galleries at the Science Museum in Autumn 2019 provides an opportunity to reflect on and restore often hidden histories across scientific disciplines. Bridging the history of medicine with developments in scientific technologies and approaches to healing that sit somewhat outside of traditional scientific practices, the new galleries both speak to and continue to elide conversations about embracing and embedding decolonial practices in public scientific narratives.

This workshop will be an opportunity to stretch the imagination of what is possible, achievable and desirable.

Download the call for papers.