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Live Science

Live Science is an ongoing project in which scientists carry out research in the museum using visitors as volunteers. Take part and find out more about yourself. Nothing dangerous—just fun, interesting experiments.

Our latest project, which started on 2 July 2019, is:

Me, human

Adults taking part in an experiment at the Science Museum
  • How old is your brain?
  • How does it connect you to the natural world?

Me, Human is a live scientific experiment that will investigate how traits from our 500-million-year-old vertebrate brain still underpin some of our most important and uniquely human behaviours, like recognising faces and generating speech.

At Live Science this summer you'll use your eyes, ears and hands to find out more about how your ancient brain actually works.

Take part in experiments and work with scientists to solve puzzle boards against the clock, test your grip strength, hold and manipulate objects, recognise faces and react to different sounds. Learn how the two sides of your brain control different activities—and watch your brain in action!

All elements of the exhibit are designed to accommodate participants aged 4 years and older, while some activities can accommodate younger visitors (e.g. from birth). We welcome families, individuals and groups.

By taking part in Me, Human, you will learn about cutting-edge research and engage with fun psychology experiments. You will not only be contributing to our understanding of how the two sides of our brains control different kinds of behaviour; you will also learn about how our evolutionary history keeps us connected to the rest of the animal kingdom.

To find out more about the Me, Human project, and to receive updates on research, news and events, please visit and you can follow Me, Human on Twitter: @Me__Human

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