Spread across seven different zones, there's loads of opportunity to get hands on with real scientific phenomena. Order live experiments at our Chemistry Bar, see lightning strike before your eyes, play with forces on giant slides or travel through space under a canopy of stars. You can also take part in explosive science demonstrations and shows, led by our talented team of Explainers.   

With 50 mind-blowing marvels of science to enjoy, Wonderlab is an experience unlike any other.

Watch curator Toby Parkin give a sneak peek of Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery.


A selection of the following shows will be performed daily by our team of Explainers in Wonderlab's beautiful new show space: 

Live Wire!
Exploring circuits and how your home is powered (Ages 6-10).

Flash! Bang! Wallop!
All about the chemistry of explosions and fire (Ages 7-12).

The Rocket Show
How Newton’s laws of motion get rockets into space and back down again (Ages 9-14).

Under Pressure!
How forces make the seemingly impossible possible (would you sit on a chair of nails?) (Ages 7-12).

Shows are free of charge and last 20 minutes.




After you've quenched your thirst for wonderment in the gallery, quench your thirst for a deliciously refreshing drink in Wonderlab's exclusive Shake Bar.

With scrumptious Shake Bar milkshakes and a fabulous choice of mouth-watering ice creams to choose from, how can you resist ?



Take Wonderlab home with you.  Explore our shop and discover a range of gifts, toys and books inspired by the gallery, including This Book Thinks You’re a Scientist, an activity book packed full of exciting at-home experiments that bring science to life and encourage children to take a closer look at the world around them.