Bring your curriculum teaching to life by using objects from our museum collection and fuel your student’s fascination and curiosity around science and engineering.

The Science Museum has over 300,000 objects in its care, which showcase and connect the past, present and future of science, technology and medicine.

Every object was made to do something and all are examples of how science and technology have fundamentally changed our everyday lives. When you take the time to look and think about them, they reveal stories of passion, imagination and the creativity of the people who have shaped the world we live in. 

By using museum objects in the classroom, you can highlight the relevance of science to our everyday lives and demonstrate the practical applications of the science principles taught in school.

These virtual 3D reconstructions of some of our museum objects give you the opportunity to look closer at some of our objects and get a better sense of how it once worked.

Use these in your classroom:

  • as a Mystery Object
  • as a pre or post museum visit activity
  • to introduce or summarise new science topics
  • as part of a discussion.